Pops custom leather is family owned and operated out of Dover, Florida.

All Items In Gallery were Hand Made by Corey Gomis

Hi my name is Corey, I am from Tampa Florida area in the sunshine state.

This has been a great hobby and it has allowed me start a conversation with people and introduce them to my full-time career as a Real Estate agent here in the Tamp Florida area.

I remember as a child watching my dad work with leather. He was always making something for somebody in the family. It was mostly a hobby for him. He passed away when I was 18 and my step mom put all his leather stuff in storage. She passed away about 30 years later. When my stepbrother was going through the closets he found my dads leather working tools and books with a few unfinished items and gave them to me.

It sat in my garage for a few months with me picking at it. It finally struck a nerve and I started taking a deeper look into the books and the unfinished projects . I decided to try to finish a few of the projects my Dad had not had the chance to complete. I had been looking for a hobby for years.

I did try  a lot of different hobbies. This time it felt different so I decided to explore and over the years I have fallen in love with leather working and enjoyed working with leather. I have now been working with leather for about 7 years.

This is not my full time job. I do it on the side. My full time Job is as a Real Estate Agent in  Tampa Florida. If you are ever looking to buy or sell Real Estate here please give me a call.

I do enjoy designing the leather projects and the different stages it goes through on getting to completion. I have also refurbished leather goods for people.

Any of the leather items listed on the website can be dyed to different variations of color and can have custom tooling added to the pieces. Send me a message or give me a call on what you are interested in having made.